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Deciding which material to use in your conservatory is one of the most important decisions.

So why is wood so good? Why chose it instead of PVCU (Plastic)

Here are just a few of our reasons:

Nothing can beat the utter beauty and authenticity of real wood – the look, the feel, the texture, warmth, and homely feeling of being surrounded by this natural product. Dial a Conservatory - White Hardwood Conservatories
Although plastic has become very popular as a framing material in recent years, this is in our opinion almost akin to the fast food/disposable culture that has invaded our values.
To put it another way, you are about to choose a new coffee table – what would you really like, the look and feel of real wood, or a “plastic” equivalent. If your answer is real wood then a timber conservatory is for you.

Frame materials, the choices.

There are several issues involved in choosing the right frame material for your new conservatory:

How much will it cost at the start?
What is the upkeep likely to be?
Will it last?

First the cost:

David Salisbury - Bespoke Hardwood Conservatory Choosing timber framing for your new conservatory needs to cost no more than plastic, although there are some very expensive hardwoods that you could choose from, which can push the price up.

Second the upkeep:

With modern factory treated timber products upkeep can be minimal, with not much more than a quick and easy re-treat every few years.

Third durability:

Timber has been used as a structural product for centuries and there is no reason to suppose that it will not last a lifetime, if treated and maintained properly.

Glazing to last.

The most important thing to look for with a new timber framed conservatory is the method of glazing, as the glass sealed units need to be ideally set in such a way as to achieve adequate ventilation and drainage around the perimeter. Your chosen supplier should be able to reassure you on this point.

The choices of woods for your new conservatory are:

1. IDIGBO: Origin W. Africa. A pale yellowish timber. Sometimes used as a substitute for Oak, as it can be stained to look similar. Now perhaps the most popular hardwood used by UK manufacturers of hardwood conservatories.
2. Luan, a north Philippine mahogany hardwood, plentiful, and stained up can look very nice, no knots will probably last 20 – 25 years or more if reasonably looked after. The supply of quality is not consistent though, and the heavier in feel the better, as there are some variants which are almost like Balsa wood (which it might surprise you to know is classed as a hardwood).
3. Brazilian mahogany: Closer and straighter grained than Luan, and a little more orange in colour, expect to pay + 20% for this as your chosen product.
4. Brazilian Cedar, this I suggest might just be a good all round compromise, it has all the attributes of Brazilian mahogany without quite the expense. It is straight grained but lighter than 3, above.
5. Another choice could be straight pine, that is Pine with no knots (NOT spruce). This can last a lifetime if vac-vac treated. Douglas Fir is also considered to be excellent as a ‘joinery quality’ redwood.
6. Last but not least is American Oak, prohibitively expensive, and nowhere as good as English Oak, which is nonexistent nowadays.

The choice is yours:

David Salisbury - Edwardian Hardwood Conservatory The other consideration is of course how good will it look. On this point nothing but nothing can surpass the natural beauty of real wood, and even the staunch supporters of using plastic as a frame material must readily agree to acknowledge real wood as the ultimate good looker.

The fact is that timber as a sustainable material has many fine merits, not least is that the natural beauty of real wood can never ever be surpassed by any other material.

Choose real wood:

The choice is yours, ask yourself now, could you choose the bland look of plastic, or the beauty of real wood?

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