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Chapter two – Starting the job.


Do make sure you have all the right tools, read that line again! David Salisbury - Hardwood Conservatories
Do expect the unexpected, and be one step ahead. As your head hits the pillow, run through in your mind the next phase, and rehearse it in your dreams, really, you will be surprised at waking in the morning to find that you have ‘discovered’ something you had not consciously thought of before.
Do try to familiarise yourself with all the names and descriptions of parts, where they go, what they do, and why, and try to gain a complete overview of all aspects.
Do enlist help from wherever you can find it. Friendly bartering is a good idea; for example, if you are a motor mechanic, offer to do a job on a friend’s car in exchange for some help. Think about it, and we sure you could find some ‘free’ labour…
Do always remember – particularly if planning some time off work, that the delivery of things like skips and bricks etc. have a notorious habit of turning up late, or not even on the day expected, and that they are quite good at ‘just about’ blocking the car in the garage.
Do enjoy it and have some fun, don’t get too serious – put the music on as you work, and make this as an opportunity to involve and interact with friends and family.


Don’t skimp on the footings, even though you will not be able to see anything for the time and materials cost that goes under the ground after the job is complete. Better to keep on digging an extra spade depth than one spade depth not enough. David Salisbury - Gothic Style Hardwood Conservatory
Don’t skimp on other things you can’t see, like cavity wall insulation.
Don’t set yourself unrealistic targets and do not rush anything, your new dream conservatory will be up many a year for you to enjoy, or regret if you cut corners in any way.
Don’t overdo it to start with, remember the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’! If you start off impatiently with a sprint you are likely to wane early. Be steady and methodical and enjoy your work.

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