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“Where did you get your conservatory from?”

DAC PVCu Woodgrain ConservatoryTips and advice on selecting a conservatory supplier.

When it comes to the taking the plunge, you will either know exactly what style of conservatory you want and precisely what is required to make the most of your new living space, or more likely, you will you be looking to the installer to take you through the many and varied options.

Sooner or later of course you will be considering the cost. The price from the man in the white van may seem the most attractive on the face of it, but has he really taken into account your needs, or is he simply relying on the price and nothing else to get your work. Like a lot of things in life, you often only get what you pay for.

Quantal - PVCu Conservatory A conservatory is a long term investment in your home, so choosing who supplies and installs your conservatory is therefore probably just as important as choosing the conservatory itself.

These days, conservatories are available from a wide spectrum of organisations from the one-man band through to household names from the TV. They are often associated with windows or ‘double glazing’ but there are also more and more good quality local and regional conservatory specialists emerging.

The vast majority of companies are reputable and there is a lot to be said for personal recommendations, but in the absence of any other information, here are a few general questions to ask when considering whom to let loose on your house and garden.

Has the company invested in a showroom or site where you can view the different styles available?
Do they offer a computerised bespoke design service and can they show you how the finished article will complement your home?
Have they spent time explaining how the average temperature inside the conservatory will vary depending on its position?
Have they explained carefully how different glazing materials and ventilation techniques can be used to maintain a comfortable environment all year round?
Can they demonstrate clearly how it will be constructed, including the strength and durability of the materials used and the preparation of the underground bits you won’t see once its up?
Will it look really great! – Have they shown you the roofing system they will be using and are you happy it will stay looking look good over time?
Do they have training and competency certificates awarded by their manufacturers and suppliers?
Do they offer a meaningful guarantee or warranty on their work

Satisfactory answers to these types of questions will usually mean you are dealing with a professional business, and will, in most instances, account for much of any initial discrepancies between quotes.


Quantal - Edwardian Conservatory We are grateful to Jonathan Mellor at Quantal Conservatory Roof Systems for the above article. It does we feel highlight some of the most important points in selecting a supplier.

Quantal is one of the few conservatory roofing companies to have been awarded the prestigious BBA – British Board of Agreement – certification, following analysis of structural integrity and weather tightness, including simulated wind and snow loading as well as sunlight ageing tests. 

To find out more about Quantal – www.quantal.co.uk/consumer/consumer.htm

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